Glasgow Green Investment and Renovation Project

Glasgow Green Property Investment and Renovation Project


One of the key services that Gallus Property offer is an investment service whereby we source a Property on behalf of an investor and then look to complete any works as required and then rent it when finished


The latest project we have completed on Turnbull Street, beside Glasgow Green was inundated with viewings and offers and ended up being rented out with over a 7% Gross Yield and above the figure we gave to the Investor prior to purchase which is always a bonus!


The key features of this property were the allocated residents parking, immaculate communal close and open/spacious layout which made it appeal instantly to the rental market of young professionals or a couple


From the point of initial viewing some small works were required to get it ‘Market Ready’, this included – Painting and refreshing bathroom, new carpets, sanding and varnishing doors, new ironmongery for doors, spotlights, kitchen worktop renovation and of the course the all important staging and styling before viewings


It is of course essential that a property complies with the latest regulations for letting standards and this property needed a new electrical board as well as smoke and fire alarms to bring it up to the required standard, this of course being where an experienced investor and agent comes in handy!


See the below photos for yourself and see what you think – Would you like to live here?



Forth Street Pollokshields Renovation

House hunting is difficult.  Especially when you are looking not only for a solid investment but somewhere for you to live.

When I first viewed the property at Forth Street Pollokshields it really was a poor property throughout, so much so that my dad who was viewing with me at the time muttered that we should move swiftly 'onto the next one' immediately after the viewing.

Having just lost out at a closing date of a nearby three bedroom flat, also in Pollokshields and at a much higher price, I had other ideas and thought this could be a worthwhile investment.  The real draw of this property was that it had an enormous downstairs area that was being used as a storage area.

Pollokshields is quite a mixed area in terms of property, the one that was missed was just round the corner and sold at somewhere north of £180k, with properties on adjacent streets to Forth Street selling for over that figure regularly.   In fact I had actually viewed a two bedroom flat that was in a good condition which shared the communal area of this property that week and that was priced at around £160k.  I thought a cheeky offer was worth it and managed to secure a £5k discount on the Home Report value and got it at £135k.

This property was a little different as I actually lived there for three years, it was a nice enough flat and I enjoyed my time there.  This gave me the opportunity to renovate it at a rather slow pace.

Stripping wallpaper, plastering, new laminate flooring throughout, new Tenement doors and of course the building work in the basement were all completed during my time there.

The main bulk of the work was the basement - this involved having an Architects drawings, removing a section of supporting wall and replacing it with a 'Goal Post' frame.  This required a building warrant as well as Structural Engineers survey.  The final result though was a nice open plan bedroom with oodles of space, not to mention an adjoining en-suite and storage area.


Basement bedroom with goal post frame created above the bed which allowed the room to be opened up. Previously this was a cupboard space


En-suite bathroom in the basement area

A lot of work and TLC went into this property but the end result was fantastic - We managed to secure a sale at £185k, having spent around £20k on the refurb.  This gave us an impressive profit (as well as a few years lodging!)

Check out a few of the other pictures, and as ever get in touch today if you are interested in investing or letting with us.

Large living room area


Another large bedroom


New bathroom with Porcelanosa tiles. Quite narrow as is normal with Tenements, space was utilised well to fit in a bath with shower over


Simple kitchen, I actually had a breakfast bar made on top of the box which is the entrance to the basement level!



Preparing Your Property For a Short-term Let

Preparing a Property for a Short-Term Let


Before Listing your Property as a short-term rental you should be fully prepared to ensure that you are not only ready for guests but that you give yourself the best chance of a successful listing.  Here is the Gallus Guide to doing that


Make your space short-term friendly

Start by removing all the clutter.  Personal effects, old furniture, cupboards which are piled high – They simply have to go! Remove absolutely everything that is not required or for the purposes of a guests stay.  Remember it is their space during the rental and they like to feel like nobody stays there.

You can then put in some handy amenities for guests – Phone chargers, power adaptors, guidebooks, reading books, extra cutlery and so forth.  Just make sure it’s all things that will be used, guests love these touches but not clutter!

To give guests the best possible stay make sure you have some good quality linen, towels, toiletries and bedding, any old mattresses may need replaced too


Professional Photography

The difference between good, average and bad photography is stark – It is always worth spending a little extra to get some high-quality pictures, these are after all the primary reason guests will choose to stay at your property.

Prepare for the pictures by giving it a good clean, staging it by laying out cushions and throws and you can even add some small items like flowers to brighten up the scene, just remember not to add anything that wouldn’t normally be available for guests.

Also consider picking a nice sunny day to take the pictures, this can make a difference to the light in the property and especially outdoor areas.

Have a look at some of the photography Gallus Property has in the Serviced Apartments we operate in Glasgow:


Good photography makes a big difference. Top tip: Pick a sunny day to take the pictures to increase the light in the property


Consider picking a photographer that specialises in property as the quality may be better than that of others


Some up-close pictures can even show off some unique features - in this case the Nintendo games console


Some great editing can bring out the best in a room. This one had some vibrant colours against a dark wall which ended up looking fantastic 

Create The Listing

Now you can start creating your listing on the various different platforms, think carefully about how your property stands out from the crowd;  What are the main features or amenities guests will love?  What landmarks are close-by?  Why would someone love to stay there?

Once you have answered these key points make sure you list all the essentials; Wifi, TV, Fully Stocked Kitchen, Parking.  You will be surprised how often you will get the same questions, list them in details from the beginning and give guests as good an idea of the space.

When creating your profile make sure to put a picture of yourself and a description of what you do.  Why do you love hosting and what do you like to do when you travel?  Airbnb unites travellers and hosts who share the same passion for travelling and exploration, tell the guests why your place is perfect for that.

If you need some assistance consider consulting a manager who can help you prepare in the set-up, see how Gallus Property does this for our clients here

Introducing Gallus Property

Introducing Gallus Property

Welcome to Gallus Property, a Property Management company based in Glasgow.

Formed in 2019 Gallus Property is a Property Owner and Manager ran by Director, Matthew Gunn and immediate family.  With a property portfolio of their own Gallus Property aims to bridge the gap between Landlords and Managers, having seen both sides of the spectrum and recognising the requirement for Managers to have experience as a Landlord.

With experience in property renovations and maintenance, both short and long-term lets, this experience and knowledge will provide invaluable expertise to Landlords who wish to maximise their Property investments.

Gallus Property currently manages a small selection of luxury Serviced Apartments and long-term lets, both within the portfolio and on behalf of clients.

High quality photography and Property Staging are key to securing quality rentals, along with the personal touch, Gallus Property stands out from the crowd.