When renovating a property it is important to maximise your return for the amount spent, especially if you are doing a lower end project with tight margins.

It’s actually quite incredible what you can achieve on a small budget though.  Simply replacing lightbulbs, adding fresh paint and re-arranging furniture can make the world of difference.

Here is a recent example of a clients property in Glasgow which was renovated on an extremely tight budget.

We used some leftover white mould resistant paint which has an eggshell finish, some mould resistant silicone sealant around the back of the sink and a new lino floor which was £80 supplied and fitted.

Tired and dated kitchen. Magnolia on the walls and a dim lightbulb made the space feel very dark.
Flooring was dated and peeling so needed replaced


Fresh paint, new floor and a new silicone sealant. Cheap fix, not perfect by any means but it looks a lot fresher and only cost around £100


A kitchen which now looks useable!  New Lino floor was only £80 supplied and fitted


This property had been seriously lacking investment for years on end, so much so that the hallway only had one (yes one!) working lightbulb.  As the ceilings were quite low and I wanted to save money on shades I bought some large Ikea lightbulbs which work as a stylish alternative.  They look a bit whacky but I think they’re ok, at £6 they are great value:


One dim and lonely bulb working. Careful not to bash into the walls in this dark hallway!


Ikea is your friend. Remember that

These two jobs were fairly straight forward and the price was very reasonable.  As much as there is great satisfaction in a high-end job with a large budget, its sometimes as satisfying spending less and transforming the look and feel of a property on a small budget.  It really is incredible what a touch-up of paint and new lightbulbs can do for a room.

If in doubt paint it white and put in some good lighting!

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